The Hero Goddess Path          


This class is not a therapy group. It does not focus on individual character defects or persons. Rather, it is a supportive learning that focuses on the common experiences that all lovers share.

                       FALL SEMINAR SERIES BEGINS Sept.  9, 2015  

                                          Living That "Special Time"                           
                                            An Experience for Women and Men

At a recent social gathering I was describing this class to a husband who had inquired. Moments later his wife, referring to a discussion in the larger group about local romantic restaurants, turned to him to demand "Why haven't you ever taken me there?" This class is not about what personal reasons she had in confronting him in that moment. Rather it is about why men and women have been blurting these classic statements to each other since the dawn of time.

Couples have been falling in love long before even language was invented. Which is why Relationships participate in archetype, an ancient, universal pattern that we all share, whether we are 20 and embarking on our first commitment, or 80 and settling into our sunset years. 

We refer to the archetypal pattern that expresses the fullness of the Feminine as The Goddess.  The role that expresses the height of masculinity is represented by The Hero. Together these roles create "THE LOVERS."

Participants will enjoy a front row view of the collective drama that dictates how Heroes and Goddesses navigate this “lovers' path.”

In archetypal lore, lovers progress through cycles. Midway through each cycle a vibrant relationship creates an “invite” to reinvent these key roles. One familiar stage of this invite often manifests in "walking on eggshells." This experience actually signals that couples are nearing the cusp of a successful breakthrough.   

Drawing from Joseph Campbell as well as other sources, we will learn how to
 negotiate this “invite” in order to usher in that special experience traditionally
 referred to as “Happily Ever After.” Which is a real place that looks nothing like our minds picture it.

We will discover how all of us recreate amazingly similar scenes, despite our relationship’s uniqueness. 

 Ray has been guiding couples on their path for over thirty years. Besides drawing from his time of 
 teaching others, Ray speaks from his experience of completing the fourth cycle in his own relationship.

 Open to couples or singles interested in exploring the core relationship drama in which we all participate. 

 Class consists of 5 sessions from 7pm to 8:30
 Location: The studio at Woodstock Physical Therapy Center on Rte 212, Woodstock, N.Y.     



  •  Last night's class had a big impact on me. M. M.

  •  I am loving your class because of your unique perspective and your soft, non threatening style. L. B.

  •  A most provocative and engaging class; A great way to understand relationships.
 E. O.

  •  Wonderful the way Ray breaks it all down. Rich, is the best way to describe this class. J.S.

  •  That was a beautiful class last night. We are excited to be with you. Your knowledge, experience and 
   radiance shine through. M. S.

  •  I love meeting people of all ages who are confronting the same realities L.S.

  •  Thank you for a wonderful journey. A. B.

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